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Anti-aging formula designed to reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes on all skin types with CoQ10 and peptides.


Clinical results show a significant reduction in the volume of eye bags by 65% ​​in 28 days and 70% in 56 days. Improves lymphatic circulation and increases firmness and elasticity.

The ingredient hesperidin methyl chalcone reduces redness, dipeptide-2 reduces water retention, and palmitol tetrapeptide-3 improves firmness and elasticity. The light cooling gel is easily used with other moisturizers or sun protection formulas.



Apply this eye gel around the cheekbones and eye area before applying moisturizer or sunscreen.


1 ounce / 30ml

REFRESHING ANTI-PUFF EYE (Reduces puffiness and swelling)

SKU: 830325
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